Spoken For

Four men stand shirtless in the dark. Video footage of women speaking is projected onto their torsos. The video is without sound; it is the men who speak the women’s words, their memorized parts in perfect synch with the video projections.  They speak of their long-held desires, the things they want and do not have: a girl wants to get her ears pierced, a teenage girl talks about a guitar she fell in love with and another speaks of the desire to hold the bunny that appeared in her dream. A critic from Bitch magazine called Spoken For “the headiest” piece she had seen in an evening of performance. She went on to say  that “the memorized parts [were] so right-on that the lip synch effect [was] total. How strange to hear female experiences described, in the first person, by masculine voices.” (Bitch Magazine, No. 51).

Performers: Michael Eckblad, Jason Bahling, Andy Dayton and Jon Wohl of the Notion Collective. (2011)